Here you can download the four keynote presentations of the 15th International IARTEM Conference held in Odense on 11-13 September.

Throughout the conference at Odense, you will be able to find the program and overview of parallel sessions in an app. The app furthermore lets you know the name of a specific presentation and the name(s) of the presenter(s), just as it shows the time and location of the presentation.

The app is called “EventsXD”, and can be downloaded for free for both iOS, Andorid and windows. Continue Reading »

The last issue of IARTEM e-Journal features the following articles:

Christoffer Dahl: Voices of male and female authorship – legitimations and discourses in literature textbooks.

Graciela M. Carbone: Datos para una historia compleja: normas curriculares y producciones editoriales. El caso argentino (1960-2014).

Vivian Batista da Silva & Keila da Silva Vieira: “Por aplicações concretas e imediatas na sala de aula”: um estudo sobre livros que ensinam a ensinar (L. Mattos, RJ, anos 1960).

Ján Gunčaga & Matthias Brandl: Some methods of problem solving in historical mathematical textbooks.

Ana Julia Pedreira & Maria Helena da Silva Carneiro: How the textbook is inserted in the pedagogical practice of Biology high school teachers in Sobradinho, Distrito Federal, Brazil.


Santiago de Compostela 24–25 January 2019

IARTEM and Stellae Research Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela will host an international symposium on Music Education and Didactic Materials.

The ME&DM International Symposium aims to become a framework for educational transfer to promote knowledge and to allow new collaboration between groups and/or people from different educational levels and music socio-cultural contexts seeking to establish synergies and to contribute to enrich the work undertaken by different studies and experiences in the teaching and learning of music education in different contexts of education.

Read more: Symposium website

The last issue of IARTEM e-Journal features the following articles:

  • Susan Richardson: Homework-based learning resources: two distinct approaches to design and development
  • Alysson Ramos Artuso: Brazilian high school Physics textbooks: Students’ opinions on features, themes and focus
  • Nahúm Misael Tórrez: English Language Teaching Textbooks from Nicaragua and Norway: A Comparative Analysis of the Topics presented in Secondary English Book – 8th Grade and Enter 8
  • Graciela María Carbone: La Enciclopedia: un género textual perenne en hábitats cambiantes.

Good news from the organising committee in Argentina: There will be a simultaneous English/Spanish translation service at the regional IARTEM conference in Buenos Aires in September.

The main conference languages will be Spanish and Portuguese but if you do not speak those languages, you still can present your paper in English and follow part of the sessions with translation. Please contact the organisers for details. Continue Reading »

New version of the call for papers for the next regional IARTEM conference.

The conference will take place at Universidad de Buenos Aires. The event is organised as a cooperation between Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Luján – Departamento de Educación (Argentina), and NPPD – Núcleo de Pesquisas em Publicações Didáticas de Universidade Federal de Paraná (Brasil).

Important deadlines

  • Submission of abstracts: 31 may 2018
  • Evaluation of abstracts: 10 July 2018
  • “Early bird discount” until: 31 July 2018

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IARTEM and laeremiddel.dk – The Danish National Centre of Excellence for Learning Resources – are pleased to announce that the 15th International Conference on Textbooks and Educational Media will take place at UCL University College in Odense, Denmark 11–13 September 2019. The theme of the conference is:

Researching Textbooks and Educational Media from multiple perspectives: Analysis of the texts, studying use, and determining impact.

Important dates

  • Submission of abstracts: New deadline: 30 April 2019
  • Acceptance of abstracts: 1 June 2019
  • Registration + payment (closing on): 25 August 2019
  • Publication of program

The conference will be open for professionals from all over the world who work in the field of textbooks and educational media research and development. The programme will include an intensive doctoral course for PHD students 10 September. Continue Reading »

The next regional IARTEM conference will take place at Universidad de Buenos Aires in September 2018. We will publish details here soon.

The articles below comprise Volume 9, Number 1 of the IARTEM e-Journal, July 2017:

  • Editorial Volume 9 No 1
  • Reichenberg, Monica & Andreassen, Rune. (2017). Similar but not the same: Comparing Norwegian and Swedish teachers’ influence on textbook selection and involvement in text discussions. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 4-27.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo
  • Mohammed, Jeniffer Anne. (2017). Textbooks and teacher decision-making: The case of Jamaican teachers using sociology textbooks in the sixth form. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 28-52.
    ArticleAbstract Resumen Resumo
  • Rodríguez, Luis María. (2017). Aporte de los libros de texto y el discurso argumentativo al proceso de democratización en Argentina. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 53-74.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo
  • Esplugues Cebrián, Marta. (2017). La formación de los docentes en Educación para el Desarrollo y su relación con los materiales didácticos editados por las ONGD. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 75-102.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo
  • Teuber, Mauren. (2017). Materiais Didáticos para ensinar Arte: questões para a docência e para a formação de professores. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 103-121.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo
  • Hansen, Thomas Illum & Gissel, Stig Toke. (2017). Quality of learning materials. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 122-141.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo
  • Bruillard, Eric. (2017). MOOCs as contemporary forms of books: new educational services between control and conversation. IARTEM e-Journal Volume 9 Number 1, 142-164.
    Article | Abstract Resumen Resumo